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"Probably the highest compliment I can give the boat (Bonnie Lynn)and its crew relates to their suitability for family charters.  The schooner's deck was ideal for our 4 and 7 year old sons.   Furthermore, Earl and Bonnie enjoy children and our boys picked up on this as all young kids do.  This was our first charter and we had the chance to see other boats as we traveled.  From the perspective of a family with young kids, there is no other boat my wife and I would rather been on.   As inexperienced clients, we feel we not only got the right boat, but the right people."Just boarded the ferry but, before we leave this fair Isle, I just wanted to thank both of you for helping me celebrate a wonderful 60th birthday; warm days, cool evenings and just enough wind to keep the journey interesting. We all had a wonderful time!


KOAN performed beautifully. …. The engine runs great .  MC             



Our charter of Blue Goose two was excellent. She is the only boat I have ever charter or used including my own that there was nothing to fix. She was very clean, well outfitted with towels, linens and basic condiments.


We had a great cruise on Alliance.  We visited Pulpit, Castine, NE Harbor, Seal Harbor (Vinalhaven), Islesboro and Tenants.  RE


Ruth and I thank you for allowing us to charter Blue Goose Too.  We had a very enjoyable and, for me particularly, instructive three days.   Blue Goose Too is wonderfully setup for a two-person cruise and was in outstanding condition when we boarded on Monday morning.  Your choice of a captain to guide us could not have been better.  George was generously accommodating, courteous, exceedingly knowledgeable and, most of all, he inspired confidence that one was learning from a pro.

We thank you particularly for your warm and most accommodating hospitality and hope that you would consider positively a future request to charter the “Too”  once again.  MK

Just want to let you know that our charter on Osprey last week was wonderful. The boat was well prepared, clean and all systems worked without a hitch. Carlton Johnson did a great job getting it ready for us, including placing blocks of ice in the ice box. We cruised in Blue Hill Bay, visited Swan's Island and Frenchboro and sailed to Mount Desert Rock (didn't see any whales).   JM


Just wanted to drop you all a note thanking you for making our time in Maine a truly unforgettable vacation. The coast was beautiful to explore and SOTERIA was a great boat to explore with. My wife and I have had the boat bug for a long time, and getting to breathe the salt and feel the waves reenergizes us like nothing else. Thank you again for your help with our vacation and we hope to be back in Maine again soon.  TN