Some ideas for potential itineraries and places to visit along the coast










Day1 – 15th: Islesboro to North Haven 16NM 

                        Fuel, water, mooring, laundry, showers

Day 2 – 16th   North Haven to Stonington 10NM

                        Fuel, water, mooring, laundry, showers, pump out

Day 3 – 17th Stonington to Burnt Cove  11.5NM

                        Fuel, mooring, shopping – good place to buy lobster

Day 4 – 18th Burnt Cove to InnerHarbor25NM

                        Long open water sail, no services

Day 5 – 19th Inner Harbor to SorrentoHarbor 16NM

                        Water, moorings    very pretty

Day 6 – 20th Sorrento Harbor Bar Harbor 18NM (after sailing around)

                        Fuel, water, mooring, laundry, showers, pump out, restaurant

                        Shop for 2d half of trip Could do dinner in town - pricy

Day 7 – 21st  Bar Harbor TO SomesHarbor 17NM

                        Mooring, water restaurant pricy Abels Lobster Pound 207 276 5827

Day 8 – 22nd  Somes Harbor to SouthwestHarbor 5NM

                        Fuel, water, mooring, laundry, showers, pump out, restaurant

                        Beals Lobster Pier (recommended) 207 244 3202

                        Fresh baked muffins Double J Grocery & Deli – Lunch??

                        Hinckley Boat Yard 207 244 5531 (tour?)

Day 9 – 23rd   Southwest Harbor to Blue Hill 29NM

                        Fuel, mooring, shopping, laundry

Day 10 – 24th Blue Hill to Bucks Harbor 32NM (or 25 short cut)

                        Fuel, mooring, dock, shopping, shower, restaurant (good)

                        (LL Bean??)

Day 11 – 25th Bucks Harbor to Islesboro 20.5NM