ALAMAR French/Stuart 1947 12 TBD Brooksville, ME $3300/wk


LOA 45’; LWL 39’; Beam 13’6”; Draft 6’; Displacement (est.) 22 tons.
Designers: Nathaniel French and Daniel Stuart
Builders: Daniel Stuart, Earnest Libby and Charles Ingalls, Machiasport Boat Shop, Machiasport,
Maine, 1947. Extensively rebuilt at Southwest Boat Corp., Southwest Harbor, Maine, 1972.
1990 - 2010 Kenny Aton, Bob Rich and Lew Bigelow repaired ribs, replanked both sides above the
waterline, new floor timbers, new keelson 
Auxiliary: Westerbeke 57, new 2000, 82 hp, manual Hurth clutch. Diesel Fuel about 70 gallons
with a consumption of about 1 g.p.h. @ 1400rmp (6kn.) 1400 engine hours.
Rig: Traditional Double Headsail Schooner with gaff fore and main’sl. Sails new in 1987 of
Duradon and still in good condition. A Fishermen Stay’sl is stowed below for running in light air
off the wind. Standing rigging 5/8” galvanized iron.


Accommodations: ALAMAR has 8 built-in berths in the large main cabin and 4 in the fo’c’s’le to
bring the total to 12. They are all 6 feet or more in length and have covered foam mattresses. Since
the port after berth is at the base of the companionway ladder and can get wet, it is usually the last to
be occupied. The port lower berth in the fo’c’s’le is somewhat wider than the others and can sleep
two in a snug relationship. The upper berths in the fo’c’s’le are reported by some to be confining
and so also tend to the last selected. Pillows are provided. We do not provide sheets or blankets.
The main cabin has six feet of headroom and is lighted by 4 kerosene and 3 electric lights. The
fo’c’s’le has its own kerosene light.
The head is a manual pump out behind a closed doors there is ample shelf space, a basin but no
shower. There is, however, a shower bag unit aboard that can be suspended from the shrouds and
provides for those who wish a more substantial bath.


Galley is equipped to serve 12 There is a built-in icebox that holds block ice for several days if the
drain is kept patent and the sump emptied. The galley is equipped to feed a dozen. Cooking is done
on an alcohol 2 burner stove placed on top of the Shipmate #212 wood stove when heat from the
Shipmate is not needed. We keep seasoned firewood onboard in a locker under the galley counter
along with charcoal for the taft rail grill. An axe, splitting maul and Swedish saw are aboard to help
cut up driftwood.
The cabin table with both leaves up and the plank across the Deacon seats at its after end provides
comfortable seating for 10 and big over turned pot at the other and you can do 12. The water tank
holds about 200 gallons, which should be enough for a week’s cruising including washing dishes.


Three anchors: A 75 lb. Hereshoff as working anchor, a 35 lb. Danforth and a 50 lb. CQR. 
There are three anchor rodes and several lengths of chain. There is
enough life jackets 12 adults and 6 children.
There is a VHF, EPIRB and Flare kits and fire extinguishers throughout down below .
The 17' dingy is your life boat which can accommodate 12
persons. There is a full complement if charts for Portland, Maine to the Canadian border. 
The “Navigation Locker” contains in addition to the usual assortment of implements, a brass rolling rule
to assist in plotting courses. The steering compass is a 7” Constellation corrected annually to 0
degrees deviation. A 4” Ritchie is carried and can be mounted by the wheel. A hand bearing
compass is also provided along side a huff and puff fog horn, and bell. There is a GPS for those who
do not trust themselves. The depth finder is a Scitex LED flasher with adjustable alarm. This is
backed up by a 2 lb. lead. Navigator I, Stowe knot and distance meters are backed up by a Walker
patent taffrail log – a remarkably accurate instrument. Sailing at night by a charterer is forbidden
by our the insurance agent. M.O.B. rescue strobe that hangs with the life rings on the main
shrouds. Navigation lights have kerosene fuel. There are two plug-in electric searchlights fore and aft
which plug in to 12 volt receptacles which can also be use to charge devises using a cigarette lighter plug.
There is a full complement of tools and spares aboard; the collection the previous owners' 50 years
of sailing this craft and an effort to provide for every circumstance that might arise during coastal
The 17' dinghy is your life boat which can accommodate 12 persons.


Brooksville, ME