FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is NorthPoint Yachts like all other charter companies?
If you’ve never chartered from NorthPoint Yacht Charters, you should be aware that it is different from chartering from a big agency. Northpoint’s boats aren’t dedicated rental craft. Each boat is unique and is the owners’ beloved yachts and often thought of as family members.

What do you need to reserve a boat?
We need firm dates and the name of the boat along with your completed RESUME which can be completed online. Once these have all been approved we send you contracts in an email. Once we receive a signed contract with the 50% deposit, your charter is booked. If you are booking a month or less before the charter dates we will need to receive the full charter fee and the security deposit with the signed contract

Is there a quick way to easily compare amenities on boats?
Yes. We have our quick reference GRID. Click on this to go directly to that page.

Can we use a credit card or check for the security deposit?
If you use a credit card there is a 3% service charge added. The charge is put through – credit card numbers are not held as with hotels. The charge is made on the card. After the charter security deposits are returned (minus any deductions) by check. Checks received for security deposits are deposited/ cashed. Checks are not held un-deposited.

Are there handicap adaptations on boats?
Boats are inherently challenging environments – that seems to be why we love them. Boats are not equipped with any special accommodations for the handicapped. When possible owners have helped as best they can but sailing and motorboats are physically demanding activities.

Are children welcome aboard?
Generally well behaved children are welcome. Some boats may have safety netting but all boats do not have this. Some owners have experienced some very negative outcomes from having children aboard and as a result some boat owners choose not to have children.

Are dogs welcome?
Some boat owners welcome dogs some do not. It will depend upon the specific boat. There may be an additional pet fee.

Are linens provided?
All boats come with blankets (in some cases sleeping bags) and pillows. Some boats provide linens and towels and it will be noted on the listing sheet. Linens and towels are either included in the price or may have an additional charge. This will be noted in the listing sheet.

What is required when boats are returned after charters?
When boats are returned after charter, they are expected to be cleaned and returned in the same condition you take them: water, gas, and diesel filled, holding tank pumped out, deck and hull clean, and the interior spaces cleaned, including refrigerator and galley. If a boat is returned in a condition that demands extra cleaning (beyond what would normally be done for a turnaround), that cleaning charge will be deducted from the security deposit.

Do boats have dinghies?
All boats have a dinghy though all dinghies do not have outboards. There may be an additional charge for outboards.

Do dinghies have outboards?
Some dinghies have outboards. There may be a charge for these. It would be noted on the listing sheet.

What about cruise control and spinnakers?
Generally boat owners will disable any cruise control system as they are not needed for the coastal cruising in our waters. Spinnakers may be available by special request and with an extra fee depending upon the specific boat.

Please note that all listings and prices are subject to change.


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