Quick Reference Boat List


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Boat Type / Size Sail / Power Berth / Cabin / Head / Windlass Homeport Per Week
Andromeda Sabre 30 S 4/2/1/Y Bass Harbor,ME $3900
Curve of Time Morris Ocean 32 S 5/2/1/N TBD $4500
Presence J35 S 4/2/1/N TBD $4100
Osprey Hinckley Pilot 3 S 6/2/1/Y Bass Harbor, ME $4900
Sea Breeze Grand Banks 36 P 4/2/1/Y Rockland, ME $5900
Lucky Dog Sabre 36 S 7/2/1/N Rockland, ME $4000
Sweetness Cape Dory 36 S 6/2/1/Y Belfast. ME $4200
Tailwind Sabre 36 S 6/2/1/Y Rockport, ME $4800
Nefer Nubi Hans Christian 38 S 5/2/1/Y Rockland, ME $5300
Elan J-40 S 6/3/2/Y Rockland, ME $6200
Pax Sceptre 41 S 5/3/1/Y Robinhood Marina Georgetown ME $5000
Defiant Morgan 43 S 7/3/1/Y Rockland, ME $6100
Wind Dancer Gulfstar 44 S 4/3/2/Y Rockland, ME $6250
Breezing Up J-46 S 6/3/2/Y Rockland, ME $6900
Coconut Grand Banks 40 P 4/3/1/y Rockland, ME TBD
AugustMaverick Stephens 92 S up to 12 guests Rockland, ME ask for details
Capricia Alden 54 S up to 6 guests TBD ask for details
Timeless Offshore 62 P up to 6 guests TBD ask for details
Arctic Earth Custom 56 S up to 6 guests Northern Waters ask for details

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