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Experience & Qualification Resume

This form is to be completed by the designated responsible skipper. You must provide as complete an accurate a resume as possible to become qualified to charter one of our boats.

How many people will be in charter party?

1] Have you previously chartered with NorthPoint or other companies?

2] Do you own (or have you owned) a boat?

3] In what type & length boat have you gained most of your experience?

4] Are you a member of a yacht club or sailing group?

5] Have you sailed the Maine coast?

6] Additional sailing experience includes Year, Yacht & Yacht Length Skipper or Crew Area Cruised

7] Please rate your knowledge and/or use of the following

8] Please list two people (non-family or crew members) familiar with your sailing ability:

9] Crew List: Please list all members of your charter party: Name, Address, Age & Brief Experience

10] Have you or any of your crew been convicted of a felony for negligent operation of a vessel?

11] Have you or any of your crew been cited or convicted for operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

12] In case of emergency while I am chartering please notify:

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