Resume Questionnaire


Resume Questionnaire

1] Are you or someone in your crew able to navigate without GPS?

a] Are you or your crew comfortable using chart and compass?

b] Are you or your crew able to do dead reckoning?

2] When was the last time you and your crew did a man-over-board drill?

3] Would you be able to bring an immobile person aboard by yourself or with the help of a crew member?

4] Can you winch a main sail by yourself?

5] If the boat requires the ability to reach up +/- 6ft from the deck to undo the main halyard, occasionally in rough weather, are you or someone knowledgeable in your crew able to do this?

6] Emergency steering requires entering the locker underneath the cockpit to access the emergency tiller. Would you or someone in your crew be able to engage the emergency tiller in 10-15 knots of wind?

7] Are you and all your crew able to safely get in and out of the dinghy using the boarding ladder (if there is one) or straight on to the deck?

8] Would you or one of your crew be able to run forward in the event of an emergency to work anchor and/or sails?

9] Would you be able to bring an anchor and chain ( about 50 lb) on board hand over hand?

10] In the event of running afoul of lobster wrap would you be able to go into the water to assess underwater fouling?

11] All mechanical systems on any boat need regular monitoring and may require addition of coolant, oil for example. Are you comfortable and able to assume these responsibilities?

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